Young adult fiction Books – A Background

One of the varieties of books that never go out of favour is fiction books. This type of reading is popular both with the young and old alike. There are many people who love losing themselves in the world of dreams and imagination that fiction provides. In these books the protagonists do things that would be impossible in real life, and which most common people can never imagine doing themselves.Info here young adult fiction books

The heroes and heroines in these stories travel to exotic places and come across fantastic cultures and experience great adventures that are the stuff that dreams are made of. Through the lives of these fictional characters we live out our own fantasies. Through the pages of these books we also go to these strange new locations, we take part in the same adventures and we become a part of the fantasy.

The fiction stories do not just come from foreign authors; they come from Indian authors as well. There are so many Indian writers who are now preparing works in English even though their stories are about India, and these stories are also read by Indians. The young generation is especially taking to this type of reading and writing and many of these books have also been turned into blockbuster movies.

There is a never ending stream of these books released every year. Some of them make the bestsellers list and some of them do not. But most of them are quite entertaining and many of them find some kind of readership. There are books written with men in mind, some are written with women in mind, and others are written with kids in mind. Then there are books which are suitable for all ages.

Then there are action novels, murder mysteries, adventure stories, romantic novels, fairytales, military novels, science fiction and horror stories. There are even novels and books that are difficult to place in any particular category since the combine the elements of two or three different genres.

There are some readers who eagerly follow the writings of one writer. They are addicted to his or her stories and love the way they write. They eagerly wait for the next book that the novelist is going to release. Once the novelist has released the book, the loyal readers rush to the bookstore and buy it as quickly as they can. There are times when they even stand in line for long hours so that they can buy the book.

Different authors have their own fan club, and they receive plenty of letters from their fans. With the onset of the Internet, the authors receive e-mails and they get posts on their Facebook account. Seminars are organized where the authors get to meet with the fans and share their experiences in writing the book, and the fans in turn get to express the love they have for the author’s writing.